VG-99 patches and sound-examples

May 2013: librarian files sorted by instrument types:
clean electric 1
lead and crunch
acoustic and ethnic
basses (some have guitar on ch. 2)
synth and orchestral (see Youtube video)
preamp in front of VG (i used these patches with MB Triaxis tube-preamp)

March. 2013: After a couple of experiments, I made a bouzuki outa metal-bodied reso guitar. Hear the demo below.
Apr. 2012: New "Santana-style" singing lead. Uses 2 compressors in front of an amp-sim.

Dec. 2009: My new patch "Fender Bass + Guitar 1" profits from the dual-path-technology and the limiters in the MOD section. Bass is on the right side, the expression pedal kicks a rhythm-guitar into the left channel. Have fun!

patch cathegory short description mp3 sample midi-file (download with right-click, import to VG-99 Editor)
acoustic 12 stringed greek ethnic bouzuki improvisation bouzuki 1.mid
Lead guitar - high gain for Carlos Santana pieces Embers - Santana-style study Embers cmp 4.mid
Hendrix-style electric CTL 1=-1 step, CTL2=wah, CTL3=fuzz Band of Gypsys Hendrix-Gypsys1.mid
tradit. rhythm & bass use GK-knob and exp. ped. FendrBass+Guit1.mid
electric lead overdiven tube-amp Creamy blues creamy1.mid
clean bass good for sequencing DPsStiffBass.mid
Lead synth 1980-es pop-sound A-HA Take on me takeonme.mid
Lead guitar - minimal FX Santanas early sound Samba-pa-tee Fender+335_1.mid
percussion 3 low strings are bass drums, 3 high strings wood drums "VG-99-drums" DP-drums-1.mid
compressed acoustic 2nd "neck" plays an octav higher after 1.8 seconds "New age Harp tune" octaDELAY1.mid
clean bass warm, woody bass "Groovy Bouree" Bouree-bass.mid
Clean lead sound, slighly compressed Knopflers Strat sound Sult_of_Swinx.mid
6-string elec. bass wounded and unwounded strings are separated "E-minor blues for bass" DPs6strBass2.mid
Acoustic guitar dropped 6th string "Dublin Day" by G. Giltrap AcousticDropD3.mid
Acoustic guitar and flute "Stairway to heaven" intro, played on 1 guitar "Stairways intro" Stairway_1.mid
whistle something like a recorder or tin-flute "Recorder" Whistle1.mid
Overdriven elec. guitar Lead-guitar with ducking delay "Duckin delay blues" Duck_del_2_amps1.mid
Synth-bells Bells for chords or arpeggios "X-Mass Bells" X-MassBells.mid

keep on rockin!

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