Last updated: May. 4. 2006

Ensoniq´s famous sampling-keyboard ASR-10 - still one of the best ! Endlessly upgradable via Internet !

ASR-10 keyboard

It is more than just a MIDI instrument, it is a hard disk recorder, sampler (analogue and digital in/out), does remixing with high-quality effects, has lots of synthesizer functions and an award winning sound-quality!

I`ve spent a lot of time making ASR Instruments, here a few of them:

Download instruments in EFE (uncompressed) format:

Chicks lead 2
28 kB
Homage to Corea
Mega rock organ
84 kB
Tube combo organ
Rick's lead 1
176 kB
Homage to Wakemann
Touch me now
280 kB
very touch sensible !
Vivid Digit
32 kB
velocity switched synth harpsichord
Pedal Flute
144 kB
volume pedal required!
196 kB
miked woodwind
New Fat Synth
185 kB
this rocks!
28 kB
4 patches
76 kB
real synthetic string ensemble
120 kB
velocity switched sax

For the transfer of these files you´ll need a software which can handle ASR specific files on a Mac or PC (see links below). You can transfer the files also on floppies, removabale disks (also CD-ROMs) or directly via SCSI interface (the most convenient way) or MIDI - interface and cable needed here - you probably know that midi-transfer is very, very slow.

Hear some music made with the ASR-10:

Very useful links:
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