Now 6 sets of patches (384 sounds) !


Roland's fabulous guitar-processor VG-8, it is not a MIDI-instrument! It uses hexatonal pickups, sends the sound of each string through DSP, enabling real harmony,polyphonic distorsion, string doubling, pitch shifting, amp and speaker simulation and lots of interesting effects.


Programming the VG-8 is a complex work, because changing one of a lot of parameters may radically change the sound. Mathematically, there are billions of possible settings, but only a few thousand of them are playable. After a few years the VG-8 became one of the most versatile processors for guitars, due to enthusisastic people who created thousands of incradable patches fot this instrument.

Yuo can find more VG-8 patches here: - greatest collection of VG-patches, database and an awesome mailinglist for VG-addicts.

vg-8 subnet - a Danish site with patches and sound example.

What is to do after downloading the patches :

For transferring patches from your computer to the VG, you need a midi-interface, midi-cable and software which can handle midi data. Most patches available online are in "system exclusive" (.syx) format, which is not understandable for all sequencing applications. You´ll probable need a Sysex-Librarian programm for it.

Files in "standard midi song" (.mid) format can be played with most midi-sequencing programms. If your VG is connected to the computer with a midi-cable, all you need is to play back the "song". Don´t forget to set the correct midi-channel and ID in your software-control panel. VG-8 has a fixed ID = 17.