Roland´s fantastic guitar processor VG-88:

featuring: nylon guitar modeling, new synth-sounds,
realistic sitar-modelling, flexible effect chain,
polyphonic pitch-shifting and compression.
For technical informations, see
  Roland Co.

7 years of experience are put in my

7th "Final VG-88 patchset":

Dual-path-sounds, Acoustic-emulation, overdrive and distortion for rock-music, new synth-patches and some realistic basses.

Free for download!

You can find VG-88 patches also here: by Wikipedia (the greatest site worldwide for VG technology)
created by Aurelius Prochazka, California.

Sounds of Heroes - patches programmed by Thomas Dill and other professional players, in German -  VG88 Librarian for Windoze and 3 sets of patches

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