Some hexaphonic guitars, built with my cooperation

Ibanez SA - now it is "Synth-Access"! Finished Apr. 2008.
My last Sound Garage driver-kit installed.
This guitar has "the ultimative strat-sound"!

13-pin-output on the front, all controlers quickly accessible.

Charvel with Sound Garage LPG-kit. Knobs and 13-pin coverplate by Gusguitars UK. Photo by Simon Farmer.

Lefty Peavey Predator with Sound Garage LPG-kit. Professional installation by TransAxeGuitars UK.

GP-AXE-1 handmade by Angelfield, Germany with the body invented by George Pootnik for 3-positions-playing

Honduras mahogany, neck-trough-design, 13-pin and 1/4" guitar-output. Sound Garage LPG-kit installed.

An Ibanez RG-370 modified with Sound Garage LPG-kit.

A Strat-copy with Sound Garage STG-kit.

MusicMan (licensed) with Sound Garage LPG-kit

Functions and layout. Sound Garage LPG-kit installed.

Note: Sound Garage guitar-parts and kits are out of production