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(mp3, stereo, 2.9 MB)

a sentimental, but powerful instrumental rock piece

played on ASR-10 keyboard

This music is dedicated to timeless aesthetics, not guided by some fashion or wanting to belong to any stream.

Instruments used on the recordings:

Hohner Lion SG electric guitar
with GK2a hexatonal pickup

Music Man EVH (OLP) electric guitar with Sound Garage pickups

Roland VG-8 guitar processor

Roland VG-88 guitar processor

Ensoniq ASR-10 keyboard,
sampler and HD-recorder

Raimundo spanish guitar

Recorder (wooden flute)

Alesis SR-16 drum machine

sketch 22
Sketch 22 (mp3 file, stereo, 1.7 MB)

All 8 tracks (including bass) recorded with VG-88 only!
George Harrison
Here Comes the Sun - ending (mp3, stereo, 0.4 MB)

homage on George Harrison

one of the greatest musicians is gone...

Sleep Darling Sweet (mp3, stereo, 1.9 MB)

an instrumental piece full of emotions

played on a guitar, processed with VG-88

This image is a gift from Cindy, who makes a lot of interesting stuff.

SERENADE1 (mp3, mono, 1 MB)

a classical piece by an unknown author, played with an

electric guitar, the nylon-like sound comes from the VG-8 processor

SERENADE2 (mp3, mono, 0,7 MB)

this version is played with the VG-88 processor, same guitar.

A DUBLIN DAY (mp3 stereo, 1 MB)

Acoustic piece, composed by Gordon Giltrap.

Played with VG-88 processor and an electric guitar.


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